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Electronic Skid - ADE Range

Widely bought as a cost effective replacement for outdated top loading equipment. Our electronic bottom loading skids

offer the latest in electronic loading control & provide the best option for accurate stock control & loading management.

Electronic skids are ideal for companies who have multiple sites, run more than 5 tankers or want the ability to interface

to depot software to integrate the data provided by the skid load computer into stock reconciliation systems.

Electronic skids are becoming increasing popular within the oil distribution industry as the benefits of electronic control

of loading operations become more recognised. Features include:

• Loading authorisation using a driver or vehicle allocated PIN code for greater security.

• Vehicle identification using a simple numerical identifier for further security.

• The storing of historical loading data for future reference.

• Link to office printer for easy printing of bills of lading, integrating stock control & load monitoring.

• Connection to depot automation software to allow remote monitoring & control of all depot loading operations.

• Multiple interfaces to other equipment including safety emergency stop & tanker rack monitor.

Our electronic skids are available in two standards, speeds of up to 800L/min & up to 1400L/min versions. Options

include pumps onboard, manual or semi-auto API couplers, two stage or digital flow control, weather canopy, light

assembly & colour coded hose protection sleeves.

ADE80 — 800 litre per minute skids are ideal for companies with between one & five tankers.

ADE100 — 1400 litre per minute skids. We recommend this speed for companies with more than five tankers

& for busy sites where multiple tankers are loading in a short time frame .

MPC 100 load computer. Easy to

operate batch controller that centrally

controls all loading operations

Electronic flow control valves,

allow slow opening & closing

of loading line to prevent

excessive loads on pipe & meters

Acuflow electronic 3” or 4” bulk flow meter. High accuracy & repeatability.