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Still built to our original design, our AD range of mechanical loading skids have been serving the oil distribution industry

for over 25 years. The reliability of their design has stood the test of time & they are both cost effective & easy to operate.

Mechanical skids are ideal for single site operations, companies with fewer than 5 tankers, or for businesses who do not

require electronic automation.

Mechanical skids are the tried & tested option. If all you need is accurate, reliable loading then this design of skid is the

ideal choice. Key features include:

• Industry leading Veeder-root registers, printers & preset counters fitted to our meters as standard.

• Individual registers for each flow meter allow independent operation of each loading point.

• Mechanical two stage flow control valves which do not require external power.

• Skids are widely used with a good availability of parts & service knowledge.

Our mechanical skids are available in two standards, speeds of up to 800L/min & up to 1400L/min versions. They come

with meter mounted ticket printers, counters & preset counters as standard. Other options include pumps onboard (size

depends on flow rate required), manual or semi-auto API couplers, weather canopy, light assembly & colour coded hose

protection sleeves.

AD80 — Flow rates up to 800 litre per minute - Ideal for companies with between one & five tankers.

AD100 — Flow rates up to 1400 litre per minute— We recommend this speed of skid for companies with more

than five tankers & for busy sites where multiple tankers are loading in a short space of time.

Optional weather canopy & light assembly

Mechanical printer/counter/preset

counter assembly

Two stage mechanical preset valve

Mechanical Skid - AD Range