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Technical Specifications


Acuflow positive displacement flow meter, fitted with 80 mesh inlet strainer with either pulse transmitter for electronic

skids or mechanical counter, pre-set counter, ticket printer & pre-set 2 stage valve linked to pump stop/start switch for

mechanical skids.

Load Computer

• MPC multi point Load computer.

• Controls up to 8 metering points from one keypad.

• Easy to read backlit display with on screen operator instructions & prompts.

• Driver pin & vehicle ID for added security.

• Temperature compensation ready as standard.

• Serial dot-matrix printer as standard.

• Can be connected to depot automation software.

Flow Control

• Two stage mechanical, two stage electrical or multistage digital.

Loading Arms

• 4” Petro-load 445 bottom loading arm assembly.

• Choose manual or semi automatic API coupler.

Rack Monitor

• Earth & tanker overspill rack monitor c/w IFC quick release lead & plug.

Loading Pumps - IFC Standard Specification

ATEX certified ExD centrifugal pump/motor assembly suitable for flooded suction conditions only

3ph 415v motor direct coupled to pump. 5.5kW for 800-1000L/min 7.5 or 11kW for 1200-1400L/min.

Other Equipment

• Galvanised steel frame & carbon steel, powder coated pipework sized to suit flow rate.

• Vapour return tank fitted with overflow emergency switch, vapour return hose & coupling.

• Thermal pressure relief system linked to vapour tank.

• Carbon steel manual inlet isolation valves on each line.

• All electrical equipment including E-stop, junction boxes & control wiring.

• Electrical Control Panel or Pump Interface Panel.



All skids have a number of safety critical systems that allow them to operate safely & correctly. Not only that, they are

also of key operational importance & you need it to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Don’t leave


to chance. Get you skid serviced annually by the UK’s No1 manufacturer of oil

depot bottom loading skids.

• Our highly trained service engineers have the expertise, experience & knowledge to ensure that your skid is

inspected & serviced properly to keep it in safe & reliable working order.

• We regularly assess & train our engineers so they are competent in carrying out any service & maintenance

work necessary.

• Safety inspections — Ensure your safety critical systems are operating correctly.

• Service inspections — Annual inspections & servicing ensure your skid is running smoothly & efficiently.

• Planned, preventative maintenance — Ensure all the equipment on your skid is maintained to recommended standards.